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Wammy's House
A secretive establishment located in Winchester, England and founded by Quillsh Wammy (Watari), The Wammy House is home to a variable number of gifted young orphans. Since the house was founded in the early 1990s, there have been literally dozens of genius children raised there, at first under the supervision of Wammy himself, and then by Wammy's friend and colleague, Roger (once Wammy himself departed to travel with L).
A Brief History
In 1987, L Lawliet, a genius child and recipient of some number of academic awards, was orphaned when his parents were killed in a fire. Upon hearing this, Wammy, a British supergenius and inventor of a wide array of products and technological innovations, was moved to take the child in. Providing an intellectually stimulating environment proved extremely effective with Lawliet - in fact, Wammy found himself shocked by the extremity of L's intellectual hunger and the seemingly limitless heights and depths of his talents and intelligence. This sparked Wammy's interest, and he decided to found an institution to house and train other young, brilliant minds as well.

To facilitate this goal, caretaker Roger is charged with monitoring children with very high academic achievement, particularly those with a prolonged record of such achievement. Should tragedy befall such a child, he then forwards information on them to Wammy himself, who discusses the child with L before reaching a decision on whether to attempt to gain custody of the child. If they decide to do so, the child is given a number of tests and placed in one of the worldwide orphanages accordingly. The most promising children are sent to Winchester.

While the official aim of the Winchester House is to train potential successors/replacements for L, as there can only be one L, the orphanage has also produced any number of talented individuals in any number of different fields.

The children raised at Wammy's House can be roughly divided into four generations, beginning with a small class of two (or three, depending on whether one counts L) - children called A and B (or BB), and extending to the fourth generation of 16. Currently, the fifth generation is due to begin.
Life In and After Wammy's House
During their stay at Wammy's, extremely gifted children are raised to possess and maximize both their own personal talents and a specific set of skills. The generic Wammy's skillset includes:
  • Fluency in several languages, including English (if not their native tongue), one or more asian languages, one or more romance languages and at least one more of their choosing up to a minimum of five.

  • A standard detective skillset, including criminal psychology, general criminology, various forensic skills and an understanding of the various legal and justice systems in most nations.

  • Speed-reading.

  • Memory training.

  • Fairly extensive computer training.
  • There is also training available in various "personal fulfillment" areas, including but not limited to art, music, more extensive training in a specific area of interest, mathematics, writing, etc.

    The children are taught to idolize and defer to L, being treated to tales of his exploits, and occasionally to long-distance "meetings" - Q&A sessions in which L speaks through a console and observes the group via camera, while remaining hidden, himself.

    Once an orphan reaches the age of majority, he or she is free to leave, provided s/he is not currently one of the top choices for successor. If they choose not to leave, they will assist in the upbringing and education of the newer orphans. Due to the potentially dangerous skillset acquired while at the House, Wammy provides incentive for an "alum" to assist L, Roger and himself in keeping track of those who leave the house in the form of financial assistance with establishing themselves and at any time of need, with the condition that the alum has kept in touch with the House. Once a former resident drops off the radar, all offers of assistance (present and future) are withdrawn, and they are "unofficially" tracked by L.

    This results in a worldwide Wammy's House "network" of dozens of elite, highly skilled individuals which can be exploited at any time. For example, when Mello and Matt departed from the Orphanage, L was able to call on London resident alums to assist him in keeping track of their movements. Generally, these contacts are not necessary, however, and the average alum has a relatively normal life, untroubled by demands on them by L or the orphanage in general, aside from the need to occasionally check in and update Roger on their whereabouts and doings.

    However, there is a downside to being raised in the House. The highly competitive and stressful environment tends to result in any number of psychological quirks. Residents are often prone to obsessive behavior, fixations, and isolationism. The best of them in particular - the ones most likely to be chosen as a true potential successor, often set themselves apart from their fellow residents, being consumed by their work and their ambitions. These children often have asocial tendencies, poor people skills, and ruthless personalities.
    Notable Residents and Alumni
    First Generation
    L (givemeyourcake) - The first and greatest of Wammy's children, and in some ways the only one who is truly Wammy's "child." Almost omniscient in his genius, extraordinarily talented in nearly every area. The world's greatest detective. Petty, childish, eats only sweets, sore loser, ruthless, aloof. Communicates primarily through a computer console; has never been seen in public. Exists on multiple levels, most of which are unknown even to the rare few who have known him in person. Distant even to his potential replacements. Irrationally adorable in person. Childlike in some ways. Obsessive, competitive, asocial. Has difficulty relating to other humans on a non-theoretical level. Often imitated, never duplicated. Prototype, idol, aim, and legend. Fixation: Sweets, winning.

    A - the second child taken in by Wammy, he was unable to deal with the stress of the succession, and committed suicide.

    B (Beyond Birthday) - Also known as BB. Beyond was among the most brilliant of the children raised at Wammy's throughout the generations of children. However, he was also psychotic, and eventually dropped off of the radar and traveled to LA, where he became the infamous Los Angeles BB Killings murderer. He was eventually captured by L and Naomi Misora and is currently imprisoned in America. Fixation: L himself.

    Second Generation
    X and Y - Mentioned by L when telling Mello about the BB case, but little is known about them.

    Third Generation
    Sand - A friendly Australian fellow who left the House to become a lawyer. Seaton Andrews - uses his Wammy's codename as a public nickname. Tall, blond and well-loved by his generation.

    Red - A recent medical school graduate, Richard Dyers. Keeps in touch with Roger.

    Saffron - The youngest of generation three; maybe more between generations. 22 years old. Sweet, gentle, slightly ditzy, superhuman mathematic skills. Female. Left the orphanage and became a mathematics professor. Fixation: Counting.

    Door - Rebellious, slightly dodgy young woman. One of the younger children of generation three. Irish Catholic. Lives in London, engaged in gunrunning. Has a younger brother (Ciaran) who grew up in the Ireland House - they were reunited when Door left the orphanage at 18. Real name is Damhnait. 23 years old. Fixation: Gum chewing.

    Fourth Generation
    Near (puzzlecomplete) - Currently the frontrunner for L's successor. Among the most intelligent of the various Wammy Children across generations; perhaps the only one to equal L on sheer intelligence. However, Near lacks a certain "human" element, being extremely unemotional and occasionally coming off as something of a robot. Possesses analytical skills comparable to L's, but lacks insight into human behavior, not to mention any and all social skills, not to mention does not have a very dynamic personality. Does not like talking to people. Lacks respect for human life, as well as anything resembling a normal moral system. Willing to sacrifice anything to solve a puzzle. Fixation: Toys, puzzles, relevant data.

    Mello (matchstickrule) - Eternally in Near's shadow, Mello is nearly as brilliant as Near, but often at the mercy of his own emotions and his uneven temperament. Extremely charismatic but probably borderline psychotic (or maybe not even borderline). Has high social skills, but can be terrifying at times. Obsessive personality; does not like to share his toys. Can tend to regard others as inferior and dismiss them out of hand. Very religious (Catholic), which often conflicts with his instincts, drives, and general nature. Erratic, and potentially violent. Extremely dangerous. Left the orphanage and has fallen off the radar. Fixation: Competition, chocolate, God and Near. Not necessarily in that order.

    Matt (toxinaddiction) - Mello's acolyte and devoted follower. Third in line for succession (after Near and Mello), but unusually laid back about it, and does not take it very seriously. Brilliant but lazy. Extraordinarily talented hacker and generalized technogenius. Amoral and apathetic, prone to boredom, slightly perverted (maybe). Walks the boundary between Near and Mello in terms of socialization - he isn't quite asocial, but one couldn't call him gregarious. Allergic to rules and regulations. Sunlight avoidant. Left with Mello and has fallen off the radar. Fixation: Games, technology, cigarettes, Mello.

    Linda - Gentle, sweet and artistically talented. Left the orphanage to become an artist at 18 years old. Had a crush on Matt as an adolescent. Keeps in touch with Wammy's House. Fixation: Art.

    Vague - Aloof, dreamy, slightly demented 16 year old girl. Fixation: Fairy tales.

    Joy - Teenage boy. Very little known about him.

    Fifth Generation:
    Pace - Seven year old boy. Recent arrival.
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